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Posted 2019-01-02 11:28:07  


The National Horseracing Authority of Southern Africa (NHA) confirms that former Executive Director : Sports Betting (Phumelela Gaming & Leisure), Vee Moodley, is raring to go in his new role as Chief Executive of the NHA, the body entrusted with controlling the sport of horseracing in South Africa.


Moodley resigned from his position at Phumelela last month to take up his new post and is returning to familiar territory. He takes up office today on 2 January 2019.


He was Racing Control Executive and Chief Executive designate of the NHA back in 2010, when he resigned to lead the Groups Betting Division at PGL.


“That was an opportunity I could not afford to miss at that stage of my career and my time at Phumelela has been absolutely invaluable in broadening my knowledge of horseracing. But I am pleased to be back at the NHA. Having a singular focus, high on attention to detail and a vision to accomplish, I am raring to go. The organisation is facing many challenges that I fully comprehend and shall relish dealing with”, Moodley said.


One of Moodley’s immediate goals in his new role is to introduce a high-performance culture and ensure the NHA lives up to its mission statement of maintaining the integrity of the sport of horseracing.


“I will be ably supported by the NHA National Board under the chairmanship of Ken Truter and the existing executive and management teams. Strengthening those teams is high on my agenda, as is ensuring that the transformation goals of the organisation are accomplished within a reasonable timeframe,” he said.


There are numerous other issues that Moodley is keen to tackle.


“We need to give maximum attention to the proposed Amendment Gambling Bill. The recommendations contained therein have positive implications for the NHA and we need to fast track putting in place the independence that is critical for this organisation to properly carry out its role.”


A clear and effective communications strategy is also on the priority list, as is resolving any outstanding issues.


“There’s much to be done, but I am looking forward to every aspect of the job, including working together with the different role players/stakeholders to ensure that the sport of horseracing is the winner at the end of the day. Everybody in the industry will be treated equally and fairly and there will be no discrimination. Horseracing’s integrity is paramount to its future”, he said.


“I am also very aware, that my energies need to be directed at the critical important items whilst NOT neglecting the important issues, many that are on the table as we speak”, he added.


With a spirit of co-operation, consistency and transparency as the key factors, Moodley is confident of a positive outlook for the NHA. 

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