Lerena in Bad Fall at Turffontein

Gavin Lerena suffered what looked like a severe fall on Hakeem after being boxed in between two horses and hit the ground hard. This happened at around the 125m mark. 

The former champion was lucky to escape major injury and his father Tex took to Facebook to post an update on his injuries. 

"Hi all, Gav had a bad fall today at Turffontein but thank God 🙏🏻 he is ok - has a Broken Clavicle and Scapular and mild concussion. Thank you for all the calls and messages - much appreciated Tex, Avril & Family."

He was taken to hospital immediately after the fall and will undergo surgery in Sunday.

Messengers of support have flowed in from all over South Africa for the likeable young man. 

We wish him the best in his recovery some speculating that it could take up to two months before he hits the tracks again.  

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