Mpume Mjoka's Remarkable Recovery Continues!


5th year Apprentice, Mpume Mjoka, is making excellent strides towards a full recovery from his leg injury that he suffered a few months ago.

Mpume has been doing a lot of rehabilitation with the Academy Biokineticist, Chloe Tucker, and attends sessions with her twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays. At these sessions Mpume engages in various exercises such cycling, squats, upper body work, as well as working on improving the range and flexibility with the injured leg and knee. Mpume also has numerous exercises to do at home in between his weekly sessions.

Academy Nursing Sister, Deborah Butt, is astounded by Mpume’s progress saying “Mpume has made a remarkable recovery, if you think about it, in a period of 5 months, Mpume has gone from almost losing his leg to being well on the way to a full recovery! This is due to his positive attitude, hard work and dedication to his rehabilitation.” Sister Butt, further explained that Mpume, will be going for a manipulation under anaesthetic and removal of scar tissue operation on Thursday 17 January to improve flexibility with his injured knee and leg. Following this operation Mpume will participate in more rehabilitation for a few more months and will then begin to start riding again.

Mpume was full of praise for the Academy support staff, saying “I really want to thank the Academy for all they have done to help me heal and recover from my injury! Sister Butt, Chloe the Biokineticist and the support team have worked with me to get me to this stage in my recovery and I’m really grateful for everything they do for me! I cannot wait to continue with my rehabilitation and hopefully in a few months, get back on a horse!”

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