Ladies in Racing - Yvette Bremner

SA Horseracing recently took time out to find out more about the successful Yvette Bremner as part of a series on prominent women in the horse racing industry.

How did you hear about the sport of horseracing and when can you first remember wanting to become a trainer?
I’ve always loved horses and then my love for horse racing started. It started off with the following of the Durban July.

What are the advantages of growing up in a family that’s involved in horse racing? (if applicable)
I never grew up in a family that had horses. So in a sense I’m the odd one out.

How long have you been aspiring to become a trainer?
I never thought I’d go the whole way and become an actual trainer. I rode alot of work and that really was the passion. I just loved riding. The more difficult the ride the more I enjoyed it. The challenge was getting them quiet and to enjoy racing.

Under whom did you learn the trade?
I first worked for the late Stanley Greeff for 8 years. Then the late Dumas Coetzee. From there I ran a satellite yard for Paul Lafferty. If I think about it they are all totally different as trainers, but I enjoyed working for all of them.

What are the qualities or attributes that a trainer needs to have in order to be successful in this game?
You absolutely have to love what you’re doing.Be kind and understanding to your horses.You’ll gain more from them that way.

How many horses do you have at the moment?
We have 112 horses in training

What are some of the best horses you have helped to train or currently train?
Copper Parade was a real character and a challenge. Everything had to be a compromise. Nothing was straight forward with him.
National Park, a very good and talented horse, but my word he is so lazy.
We have little Princess Rebel. A real gem. Loves her work!!! A very happy little girl.
Then two very strong characters Quinlan and Sir Frenchie. Both love their work too. Very talented boys
All my horses are special though. Some just a little more talent when it comes to racing.

Your current highest rated horse?
National Park merit rating of 127

Plans for him/her?
We have got a few ideas,probably go for the Cape Season

What was your most memorable day in racing?
I have loads of special moments. My most special would be Copper winning the Computaform Stakes

Do you raid other provinces and how difficult is it, both logistically and competing against supposed better company whilst still balancing the cost to travel vs income for the owner?
You need to have a horse that enjoys traveling, if they don’t enjoy traveling then it doesn’t matter how talented,they are ones better off leaving them to race on home soil.

What race do you aspire to win, both locally and nationally?
I can’t really answer this one.

Where is your favourite racetrack?
Both Fairview and Turffontein

Have you ever felt prejudiced against in racing as a result of being a woman?
Racing was tough back in the day, but that’s what builds ones character.
You cant sit around feeling sorry for yourself and think the world is unjust because you’re a woman. Just get on with the job and do your best. The rest will follow.

Do you have a favourite sire at the moment? Have any young sires impressed you?
Sires - I do like Gimmethegreenlight. I have bought quite a few Global Views. They look to be strong, capable horses.
One new stallion that looks to be very nice is Horizon. I am looking forward to seeing what he produces.




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