Ladies in Racing-Barbara Kennedy

SA Horseracing recently took time out to find out more about the inspirational Barbara Kennedy as a part of a series on prominent women in the horse racing industry.

What are the advantages of growing up in a family that’s involved in horse racing, if applicable?
Growing up in a racing family has definitely helped me understand the highs and lows of the game.
It's been my whole life, and I wouldn't change it for the world.

How long have you been aspiring to become a trainer?
I have always wanted to train since I started working in Port Elizabeth with Yvette Bremner.

Under whom did you learn the trade?
I started off with Yvette Bremner in PE, I worked for her for 3 years before moving to KZN to be with now husband Warren Kennedy. I then got the job with Dean Kannemeyer running his satellite yard in Summerveld. I was with him for four and a half years.

Tell us about this exciting partnership you have just announced.
I have joined my brother Wayne Badenhorst, who is training in Summerveld. We work well together and he has worked with some great trainers in the past before taking out his license, we make a great team.

What are the qualities or attributes that a trainer needs to have in order to be successful in this game?
You need to have patience in this game and be hard working.
Give your horses the time and understanding and they will give you their all.

How many horses do you have at the moment at the new setup?
We are a small yard at the moment, with my brother having 30 horses at the moment and having just started myself, I have brought in another 2 this week.
We are welcoming anyone who wants to get involved with us.

What are some of the best horses you have helped to train?
I have been privileged with both yards I have worked for.
With Yvette I was part of the success of Copper Parade when he won the Computaform Sprint.
With Dean I was part of many great successes, to name a few, Power King winning the Durban July in 2015, Real Princess winning the SA fillies sprint, Its My Turn winning all 3 staying races during champion season last year, (Derby, Gold Vase and Gold Cup)

Will your husband Warren be riding for you as often as he can?
Warren will ride for us when he can.
He is a busy man at the moment and will have to keep his commitments to his current yards.

What was your most memorable day in racing?
Definitely when Power King won the Durban July.
What an incredible moment that was.

What race do you aspire to win, both locally and nationally?
Everyone dreams of winning the July.
I hope one day to reach that dream.

Where is your favourite racetrack?
Turffontein is a great track, and I enjoy the Greyville turf track.

Have you ever felt prejudiced against in racing as a result of being a woman?
Racing is a tough game for anyone, being a woman just makes me more determined to succeed.
You have to take what comes and give it your all.

Do you have a favourite sire at the moment? Have any young sires impressed you?
I like Captain Of All, Master of My Fate and Vercingetorix.
I cant wait to see what the William Longsword Babies do.

What would you like to see changed in racing?
Alot of things need changing, I would love to see more people at the race track.
I have to just give mention of what a great job Hollywood Bets and Gold Circle are doing in KZN.
They are changing things up and making racing more interesting for the public and punters.
Hats off to them.

Who, if anyone, has inspired you in racing?
Alot of people have inspired me, but most recently I would have to say my husband, Warren has shown what hard work and dedication can do. He has put his head down and within a year is now sitting at the top of the jockeys log.

What advice would give a someone keen in getting involved in racing, either as a trainer or as an owner, especially females?
You have to love the game and have the passion for it... To someone wanting to train, the hours involved in racing are long, it takes alot of dedication.

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