The National Horseracing Authority confirms that it has approved
the "Super Six" trial at Hollywoodbets Greyville Racecourse on
Wednesday, 16 September 2020, and the carrying of "team" colours in
terms of Rule 8.3.5 by the runners allocated at random for each

The nature of the proposed trial is six separate events which are
raced independently of any "team" dynamic. The "team" is in reality
a paper team, allocated at random for each race, and which operates
independently and without influence of the actual individual races.
This is almost identical to the practice and governance of
International or Provincial Jockey races.

Therefore, all races will be construed as normal races for NHA
racing control purpose and all rules applicable to any normal race
will apply, with the proviso that the "team" will be indicated by a
colour (silks) change for each jockey in each race. Each owner and
trainer remains the responsible party for the determination of the
tactics to be employed for each horse and each jockey will ride to
the instructions given by the trainer and owner(s), all of whom act
as independent agents for their runners and exclusive from the
"team" allocated randomly.


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