Trainer licence Cancelled


The National Horseracing Authority confirms that at an Inquiry held in Johannesburg on Wednesday, 24 March 2021, Trainer Mr Mahiakola was charged with a contravention of Rule 10.5.1. The particulars being that, he, as a licensed Trainer, failed to provide the requisite level of care, treatment and training to the horses under his control between the 23rd to the 27th of February 2021, by not allowing the person left in charge of his stable reasonable access to his feed room. This resulted in horses not being fed during this period and being kept in stables where the conditions were below the accepted standard required, in terms of adequate bedding, cleanliness and general animal welfare.


Trainer Mahiakola pleaded guilty to the charge and was found guilty of the charge.


In determining a suitable penalty, the Board took into consideration everything that was said at the inquiry as well as all evidence put forward by witnesses. The Board took into account that this was Trainer Mahiakolas’ second offence for a contravention of this rule within a one-year period following him being found guilty of a contravention of this rule at an inquiry in March 2020 where his penalty was a fine of R10.000 and his trainer’s licence being cancelled. This cancellation was wholly suspended for a period of three years providing that during the period of suspension, he was not found guilty of a contravention of a similar charge.


The Board ruled that an appropriate penalty was that Trainer Mr Mahiakolas’ Trainers licence be cancelled.


Trainer Mahiakola has the Right of Appeal against the penalty imposed. 

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