Merit Rating Appeal

An independent Appeal Panel consisting of Messrs R Skelton, M Wanklin and R S Napier was convened on 12 May 2021 via Zoom to hear a Merit Rating Appeal lodged by Mr Joe Soma on behalf of GOT THE GREENLIGHT’s adjusted merit rating of 128 from his rating of 124, following his win in the 4RACING PREMIER’S CHAMPIONS CHALLENGE (Grade 1) over 2000M. 

The Appeal Panel was of the opinion that GOT THE GREENLIGHT’S  adjusted published Merit Rating was incorrect and consequently upheld the Appeal and refunded the deposit for the following reasons:
1)The Appeal Panel took into consideration the penetrometer reading of 25 and the track condition on the day, that was recorded as good to soft, as well as the pace that the race was run at.
2)The Panel was of the opinion that the race should be rated using the winner at his pre-race rating of 124.  By using this rating, this would also bring into line, three of the first six horses past the finish line and that they would also then have run to their pre-race ratings – those being GOT THE GREENLIGHT (124), CIRILLO (120) and DIVINE ODYSSEY (110).
3)It is believed that DIVINE ODYSSEY (110) would not have run to a higher mark, having been beaten 7 lengths – bearing in mind the Handicappers did not increase his rating to 113 in the first place.
4)It was clearly evident that both SUMMER PUDDING and MALMOOS ran below their pre-race ratings.
5)SECOND BASE is therefore increased to 122, which puts his rating at 3lbs below MALMOOS (125), which had beaten him in his 3 previous starts leading up to this race and by no less than 2 lengths in two of those races.
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