Horror Plunge for TV crew cancels Meeting

Tuesday’s meeting at Hamilton was abandoned following an incident at the track involving camera crew and a cherry picker. They were involved in a plunge from the machine. 

The first race was scheduled for 2.15pm, with that time initially revised to 2.45pm before a further delay was announced as emergency services attended the incident.

Just after 3.35pm an announcement was made over the loudspeaker that racing had been abandoned.

Clerk of the course Harriet Graham confirmed the incident involved two RaceTech employees, who operate the cameras on site.

She said: “About half an hour before the first race an incident happened involving RaceTech operators and a hoist.

“Our emergency teams reacted immediately and then we needed to call the fire service and ambulances, so we had three fire engines on site and the police.

“It took them a long time to assess the situation and extract them and take them off to hospital. During this time the timeline became more and more extended.

“The decision was we would wait for CID to arrive to see if we could continue racing, but they indicated they wouldn’t be making a decision in the short term.

“So, we held a stewards’ inquiry and the decision was made to call off racing. Whilst that is a big decision, we felt we had no timeline for when we could start racing and the main thing is all our thoughts are with the two guys who have gone off to hospital for further assessment. Let’s hope they are OK.

“In the bigger picture racing is secondary in this situation. A nasty accident has happened, two people are injured. They are having the best care they could have and received immediate attention.”

Furyher reporting At The Races 

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