Apprentice of the Week: Joshwin Solomons

SAHorseracing took time out to chat to this week's Apprentice in the spotlight, Joshwin Solomons. Here's what he had to say.. 


Do you have any family connections to racing? If yes please elaborate.

My dad is jockey Morne Winnear.


How did you get involved in becoming an apprentice?

I went to the races at Kenilworth with my dad, and Mr Welsh spotted me in the paddock. He suggested I apply to the Academy.


How long have you had aspirations to become a jockey?

From when I was 10 years old I have dreamed of becoming a Jockey.


Is there any special traits especially or requirements one needs for the profession?

Strength of character and a desire to win.


How do you keep fit physically and mentally?

I gym a lot and practice meditation.


Who, if anyone, has inspired you in racing?

My dad, of course; and Smango Khumalo.


Who is your favorite jockey and why?

Pierre Strydom is my favourite, I think everything about him is top class.


What are the qualities or attributes that an apprentice needs to have in order to be successful in this game?

Dedication and hard work is absolutely necessary. You must also believe in yourself.


What race do you aspire to win, both locally and nationally?

Locally I would love to win the Cape Town Met and the Durban July. I would also love to win the King George Stakes run at Ascot.


Where is your favourite racetrack?

Kenilworth – which is the track in my hometown.


Give us an example of what you have learnt about racing riding (or work riding) specific to your technique or weakness that you have worked on successfully?

I have learnt how to judge my pace in the correct way and how to be patient.


Where do you see yourself in the future in this racing industry?

I would love to have the opportunity to race overseas, particularly in England.


What do you think of the SAJA and the work they do for you?

I have learnt a lot, about riding and the racing industry.


What advice would give a someone keen in getting involved in becoming an apprentice?

Don’t quit, this is not an easy profession, and it takes a lot of hard work and strength of character. 

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