Chad Schofield to Leave Hong Kong

As a young twenty-year-old fresh out of his apprenticeship Chad Schofield packed his bags and headed to Hong Kong on a three-month riding contract.

Fast forward seven years and the Australian hoop is finally coming home.

With wife Hannah expecting a child early next year, the time was right for the Schofield's to head back to Sydney.

“My wife’s due in February and we decided we’d like to have the baby in Australia given the Covid situation in Hong Kong, Hannah’s family are English and they aren’t able to come to Hong Kong,” Schofield said.

“Things aren’t going the best here for me on the track either so we just feel like it’s a new chapter in our lives starting, it’s time to go home.”

Recent struggles aside, the move has been a great success for Schofield who’s ridden 208 winners, including the 2018 Hong Kong Classic Cup (1800m) aboard Singapore Sling.

“I’ve loved it I really have, it’s been really good I’ve had a lot of success here, a lot of winners,” he said.

“I’ve definitely improved my riding – no doubt.

“A lot of good memories and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here.”

Schofield shot to prominence after winning the 2013 Cox Plate on maiden Shamus Award and hopes to return to the top echelon of Australian riders upon his return.

“It’s very competitive in Sydney but it’s also super competitive here in Hong Kong too so I'm looking forward to the new challenge and being back in Australia.”

Schofield’s last meeting in Hong Kong is on the 18th of December – he and wife Hannah will return to Australia that night before the star hoop returns to the saddle early in the new year.

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