Image Rights Hold Value for Operators, too many on the Take


Photographers and Videographers on course who offer no editorial content value for Operators should pay for use.

This is a concept that needs to be urgently addressed by operators in order to monetise their products on course. This is the norm overseas in racing jurisdictions like Australia. They have taken this route in order to clean up the freebie issues and maximize their profits on their products Too many make a free living off racings show.

One of those is to eliminate photographers who take images for improving their businesses and some even charge operators for their images hence doubling down on this issue. This is ludicrous in business terms.

No operator should allow images taken from their racecourses or training centers to be sold commercially without getting something out of it. They put on the show and should receive value for it. It's the equivalent of giving someone their products for free to sell as they wish. That's not business, that's charity. They sell TV rights and the same should be the case for still photos and videographers on course.

There was an instance at the July in 2021 where a certain commercial only photographer friendly with the PR agency was given accreditation over editorial media, who were taking images for no commercial gain. This type of thing needs to stop in order to further promote the industry.

At the moment there are too many on the take and giving little to nothing back to the sport.

The time has come to look at and bring the public's attention to every aspect of the sport in order to cleanse it from people who provide no value to it.  

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