And We Thought Tellytrack was Bad!

Tellytrack definitely set a low bar but if one thought that was bad, then Racing 240 takes the cake. That seems to be the view of Commentators in social media and the public on the new Racing 240 channel. 

Horseracing in South Africa is undergoing some major changes. In fact, it's on it last legs but for a few saviors, who at anytime could pull the plug on an industry that isn't self sufficient and it would be all over

This coupled with legislation and some poor administration, the industy is in a phase what would be termed 5 minutes to midnight. It's on a lifeline.

The new 4 Racing channel is nothing short of a disaster to date and unfortunately run by people who have either been recycled or have little clue about horseracing. One can even question how much they actually know about TV and viewer needs. It looks a rushed effort. This is largely the view of the racing public.

Before we jump on the critic's bandwagon, it's prudent to allow the newbies a chance to solve the issues before throwing them to the wolves. So let's watch this cautiously.

The one thing that's for sure is that KZN racing is definitely not on the menu for now. 

Wednesdays delights on Racing 240 excluded Scottsville and there are major gaps in the channel with this happening. If one took a leaf out of the books of the top end broadcasters the world over, you'd find little time for chat and lots of racing.

Maybe it's time to bring in people who actually know what they are doing? 

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