Rouvaun Smit on the road to recovery

Horseracing Commentator Rouvaun Smit is still in hospital after a major spine operation last week. 

4Racing interviewed the commentator with the following report... 

The Cape Town racing legend was operated on last week and had part of his spine fused - T7 to T12 after a fall a few weeks back. That injury got worse until he was admitted to hospital last week.

Speaking from his hospital bed, he expressed his thanks to everyone who called and messaged him. "The support was unbelievable, people who I didn't have numbers for called and messaged in."

"I am doing much better under the circumstances," declared Smit.

"I'd like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the wishes," he continued.

"I don't have feelings in the bottom half of the body yet but slowly getting some sensations. I'll go into rehab soon."

Smit is hopeful of a full recovery, but the road is long and laborious. Rehabilitation is the next step and a lengthy process has to be undertaken until he steps back into that commentary box at Kenilworth calling home the stars of the turf.


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