Summer Cup needs top rated finishers to maintain Grade 1 Status

Many races on the South African calendar are under review for their status every year and the one standout race that is constantly under threat as to its status is the Grade 1 Summer Cup.

The race with history dating back to 1887 and the foundations of Joburg itself, wil again be reviewed if the 'correct' horses don't fill the top four placings.

The race has been under review for a few years now and was saved last year by some top rated runners finishing in the top 4 placings. The hope from organisers is that horses like Puerto Manzano, Winchester Mansion, Cousin Casey and Bless My Stars to name a few of the better rated horses fill the top slots.

The rating of the race takes into account the highest rating a horse has achieved at the end of the season in review. So for example, if an up and coming 4 year old wins the Summer Cup and then goes onto achieve highly at other big races of similar stature, then that rating applies.

If a Billy Bowlegs or Son Of Raj go onto win big Grade 1 races having run well in this event, that will boost the status of the Summer Cup, as they will inevitably have a ratings boost. However, if they fail miserably in other races this season after a good effort here and get a ratings drop, then that will have no positive effect.

The Grade 1 status is important to sponsors and holds a special place in the hearts of industry participants as everyone wants to win at the top level. The Summer Cup had been under huge pressure previously and had its weights compressed to the current structure some time back in order to try to meet the minimum requirements. An average rating of a 115 by the top four runners is usually required but leeway by up to 3 points can be motivated for by the locals to the Asian Pattern Committee (APC).

Let's hope for the best results for the Summer Cup in 2023 in order to retain its premier status.  

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