Race 1
Best Weighted: Shine In Memphis
Ante Post Favourite: Shine In Memphis 22/10
Selection to win: Shine In Memphis
First Four: 1,2,5,3
Assessment of race: go with the fav in a weak race.

Race 2
Best Weighted: Sea Of Tears
Ante Post Favourite: Sea Of Tears 1/1
Selection to win: Sea Of Tears
First Four: 3,1,9,2
Assessment of race: Should win today. Form is excellent behind Graduation Time. Best Bet.

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Race 3
Best Weighted: many
Ante Post Favourite: Williams Legacy 28/10
Selection to win: Williams Legacy
First Four: 8,7, 6,5
Assessment of race: Quite open but should be the right one.

Race 4
Best Weighted: N/A
Ante Post Favourite: Definaly Maybe 5/2
Selection to win: Definitely Maybe
First Four: 1,2,4,3
Assessment of race: Open race.

Race 5
Best Weighted: N/A
Ante Post Favourite: Esther 28/10
Selection to win: Ester
First Four: 2,6,3,4
Assessment of race: Ester ran a cracker last time after the previous win.

Race 6
Best Weighted: N/A
Ante Post Favourite: Rose For Trippi 28/10
Selection to win: Putins Promise
First Four: 9,4,6,1
Assessment of race: Open race so we went for this one.

Race 7
Best Weighted: St Cloud, Lady Winter
Ante Post Favourite: St Cloud 22/10
Selection to win: St Cloud
First Four: 7,9,1,10
Assessment of race: open

Race 8
Best Weighted: N/A
Ante Post Favourite: Sequoia 3/1
Selection to win: Jespero
First Four: 5, 1,4,9
Assessment of race: open race.

Meaning of Terms

Best Weighted: overall runner who has the best weight according to his merit rating

Ante Post Favourite: Betting choice prior to race or nearest to betting opening.

Selection to win: Opinion on possible winning horse.

Assessment of race: Opinion on the difficulty of the race with an emphasis on more technical information, if applicable.

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