Venniker Talks Saudi

South Africa's only current female rider, Rachel Venniker, a rising star in the world of horse racing, is set to embark on her maiden voyage overseas with a whirlwind of excitement and anticipation. The 19th of this month marks a pivotal moment for her as she ventures to the prestigious King Abdulaziz Racecourse in Riyadh for the International Jockey Challenge.

With much optimism, Rachel eagerly anticipates the opportunity to compete on an international stage. "My first time going overseas so it's very exciting, I am in on the 19th and back on the 26th," she exclaims with a twinkle in her eye when she spoke to SAHorseracing.COM about the big day. 0

Amidst the buzz of preparation, Rachel is filled with hope to secure additional rides beyond the confines of the international jockeys meeting. "They've arranged everything so well, even paying for a companion," she shares, her gratitude evident. Accompanied by her mother, Rachel is poised to embrace this adventure wholeheartedly.

The prospect of riding alongside her childhood idol, Ryan Moore, fills Rachel with a sense of awe and reverence. "It's amazing to ride with Ryan Moore; he's been an idol since I was young," she reflects with humility. Thrilled and honored to represent her country on such a grand stage, Rachel is determined to make her mark in the world of racing.

"I'll be riding in four invitational races," Rachel reveals with a hint of anticipation. As she prepares to touch down in Riyadh, her mind races with excitement for the upcoming challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. "So, I'll get in on Wednesday, and the draw happens—I think that's the plan," she concludes with a smile, ready to embark on this exhilarating journey.

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