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Posted 2009-01-26 00:00:00  

Jockey Stephen Swanepoel will soon be off to ride in Korea. The Racing Association contributor, Ryan Roberts asked him about the move.

RR: How did the job in Korea come about?
SS: A steward over in Korea organised it.

RR: How long is it for?
SS: I`m going for as long as possible, but the winters there are very severe
and get to minus 14 degrees.

RR: Could your move there be permanent?
SS: Yes definitely.

RR: Is your family going with you?
SS: No, unfortunately they can`t as my wife runs her own business. We have
been apart before for six months when I rode in Qatar so we are not worried.

RR: A few South Africans have gone there and returned quickly. Any thoughts?
SS: I know that Willy Uys returned quickly.

RR: What is the money like in Korea?
SS: It is very good.

RR: Where exactly will you be based?
SS: I will be in Seoul.

RR: How often do they race?
SS: They race twice a week - on a Saturday and a Sunday.

RR: When will you be heading over?
SS: I leave on the first of March.

RR: Have you raced abroad before and if so do you enjoy it?
SS: Yes I have. I was in Qatar and enjoyed it. I have also been to
Mauritius which I can`t say I enjoyed due to some personal issues. I have
also ridden up in Kenya and I loved it.

RR: Are there any other South Africans involved in the Korean racing set-up
that you are aware of?
SS: The ex riding master from Cape Town, Kenny Michel, works there.

RR: Will you be riding for the club or a trainer?
SS: I will be freelancing and trying to establish myself.

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